Lee Hyori with Mullet hairstyle

Ok, so I know that an Asian mullet sounds weird let alone a mullet. But it is coming back in Asia way differently than in North America. The mullet is described as a hairstyle that is short in the front and long in the back. And the saying goes business in front, and party in the back!

The Mullet hairstyle originated between the 1960's-1970's and it's been ridiculed as being unattractive but it's been seen more and more lately. I think when you start cutting the front bangs enough making most of your hair short in the back and still long in the back that constitutes as a mullet. It's quite popular in Asian hairstyles because we like to wear heavy bangs in the front and it makes it more interesting than one length hair. Sometimes it's hard to differentiate because there's so many layers going everywhere that it could just be styling thats making it look that way.

To get this kind of hair you need hairspray, a toothed comb and hair with alot of different layer lengths. And these are instructions on how to cut a mullet:

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Asian guys' mullets don't look as extreme as the girls' because of the shorter length. It can be mistaken as just a shaggy hairstyle. But I think the major difference between a Caucasian mullet and an Asian mullet is that there is more long hair at the back and more various lengths of bangs in the front. It looks poofier, more rocker and styled. Asian hair looks much better with a mullet.

Contrary to belief, Mullets can look sexy guys and gals. It just looks different on Asian hair.

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