Blonde is not easy to achieve, even for non Asian hair. But because of how resistant and tough our hair is we can achieve it without losing all our hair. When highlighting to blond, you will have to accept that the ends will get really dry and maybe even melt off a bit depending on how processed your hair is. No pain, no gain! Sometimes people spend hours with bleach and peroxide in their hair and do it all again the next day to lift it another level. The trick is to pre-treat it with lots of moisturizing conditioners and hair masks. That way the loss is minimized. Remember you're trying to get black hair blonde!

Black with platinum blond

Black hair with dark honey blond

Light brown hair with platinum blond


Medium brown hair with dark blond

Medium brown hair with light brown

Red hair with dark honey blond


Blond highlights are best done professionally at a salon but you can also try it at home if you have experience with coloring your own hair. For myself I usually dye my hair medium ash brown then occasionally highlight it with honey blonde streaks. It's been over 10 years that I've been doing this on my own so I am confident in giving you this advice. There's so many blonding products that claim they can get any hair blond but in my opinion it just makes Asian hair yellow and not blonde.

These both work really well, but I like the blonde one better as it turns out a nicer blond color. Works really well on Asian black hair. If you like a darker blonde or light brown the medium is a good choice too. The chestnut color is too red and doesn't show very well. Only $12 at the drugstore!

Revlon's Frost & Glow has been around for years and a friend of mine's mom suggested it to me. I think this is the best product to get Asian hair closest to a light blonde without a toner. It's surprising how well it turns out. The results are pretty good for $12 from a drugstore. You can see your virgin black hair changing color really quickly and you don't have to wait over an hour for results. Since I've dyed my hair for years, the blonde changes faster at the tips and it's nearly white blonde. Near the roots it's more of a yellowy honey color which doesn't bother me much since the color evens out after a couple of washes. The cap is easy to use and the mixture isnt messy.

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