Chinese hairstyles in the past have been very reserved and traditional. But they do adapt to North American influences for example after the war, many people wore perms and retro hairstyles. For centuries both Chinese men and Chinese women have worn long hair in braids and buns. It is a norm to never cut hair because it is a gift from their parents. It would be disrespectful to get rid of these gifts. This is similar to Hindu and Muslim culture. These hairstyles are now very difficult to recreate to its original Chinese hairstyle. Not many people know how to or know what they look like.

A Queue or Cue hairstyle - A traditional hairstyle worn by men since the 17th century. Part of the Qing dynasty, it was a political symbol of having succeeded the Ming Dynasty. It is defined by a very long ponytail worn at the back. It later became a symbol of rebellion against the revolution and was a marker for a devastatingly violent revolutions in China's past. This hairstyle can still be seen on some Chinese souvenir hats.

For Chinese women, they wore long hair that were kind of like half Up Do Formal hairstyles. Elaborate buns and shapes were supported by hair accessories.


New contemporary Chinese hairstyles are now similar to Korean or Japanese hairstyles but less extreme. Hairstyles are still very simple and reserved. Chinese girls like to thin their hair at the salon and wear straight long hair. It is also popular for older women to wear perms on short hair and dye it red. Young girls typically leave their hair alone.

Perms are tempting because it takes the work out of curling your hair and you just get more interesting hair. Getting a perm is something you want a perfessional to do because it lasts almost forever! Well until you cut that hair off. It's a popular way to get hair wavy or curly without styling it everyday. Using the curling iron everyday definitely damages your hair and is exhausting to do. But remember that permed hair doesn't look perfect all the time. It can turn out looking weird or uneven. And when it grows out it will be straight at the top, and wavy at the bottom.

It's popular even for Asian moms to get tight ringlet perms around here because that was the time they grew up in when it was trendy. But I think it's making a come back with younger girls with long Asian hair. There's this new method called digital perm developed in Japan which gives a more natural and shiny curl. The hair is wrapped around ceramic rods that are controlled digitally.

You can also get a Japanese straightening perm which makes your hair bone straight and it's permanent! It's quite damaging to your hair but it lasts a really long time. It is specially designed for Asian hair and can even straighten really curly hair. Salons claim that the Japanese straightening perms are better for your hair and is better quality. Alot of Asian salons offer this service and have experience in straightening perms. They cost anywhere around $200 and up.

After perming you have to make sure you condition, condition, condition! Deep conditioning is the key to making the locks stay fresh and bouncy months after you get it done.

An Emo Chinese Girl

Another emerging hairstyle is 'emo' hairstyles. 'Emo' means emotional and it is a new culture among young teens that began with teen angst music. This style started in the early 2000's. Skinny jeans and wearing tight shirts are described as being emo on guys and girls sometimes. Hair that is straightened and streaked with neon highlights are considered emo hairstyles. Additionally having long bangs that cover the face and wearing lots of dark makeup add to the look.

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