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I think female Asian hairstyles can easily look totally hot and sultry. Asian women have that innoncent childish look but can they totally pull off that exotic sexy hair. But it is important that Asian women can be taken seriously in the office as well. We have to put away the sexy and look professional and appropriate for the job. Betty Nguyen is a good example of how gorgeous long hair can still be fitting in the context of business.

It looks really natural just straight but it also highlights their facial features really well. Their hair just looks so perfect in photoshoots and in magazines. I noticed that alot of female Asian celebrities have hair so long it goes past their back and rarely cut it above their shoulders. When I think of womens Asian hair I think of Lucy Liu's perfect long black hair but more and more Asians are getting more exposure showing up on TV as news anchors and news reporters with shorter midlength professional hairstyles. They really get the watchers' attention with their attractive yet business oriented hair, it is what every career woman wants to look like.

Professional hairstyles should be worn with minimal style and is tamed hair. You can't look like you just rolled out of bed and went to work. Straight mid-length hair works really well. Layers on long hair make it easier to manage and creates more texture. Bangs also frame the face well. You don't necessarily have to wear hair up in a bun all the time, but it is a proper hairstyle.

The choice of haircolor should be appropriate as well. Only natural dark colors should be used. Minimal highlighting is best. I think natural black looks really nice and natural. Alot of guys actually prefer black hair over dyed hair colors.




Braids aren't just for little girls. They're making a big come back in a groovy way. Front braids that frame the face are really cute and pretty. It's just on on side usually with bangs. It's most famous from celebrities like Lauren Conrad wearing it on MTV's the Hills. Here's how you would braid the front of your hair:

1-Get your hair manageable with some pomeade, wax or styling mousse. You just want enough so you control the frizz and make it work with you when you braid

2- Pick one side of your hair to work with. Usually the side with more hair if you part them asymmetrically is better. Section off a small part of the front of your hair that you want to braid from the top. You want to make a small braid so not too much hair. Make three equal parts to start a braid.

3-Braid along the side of your face as a french braid (weaving more hair into your braid as you go along). Keep braiding until you reach behind your ear. Or keep going until you like the length

4-Tuck your braid in behind your ear and pin it back with a barrette or tie it with an elastic band.

Once you've mastered this technique you can try a French Braid or many braids all over the head.




Asian buns are common because of our long hair we need to put it up neatly. Once you know the basics of a bun, you can make it a braided bun, or anything you like as long as you gather all the hair up into a hair bun.

A classic bun is created by gathering all the hair at the back of the head near the bottom into a ponytail and simply twisting the hair until you have a rope that naturally curls itself in. Once it has formed a round bun, secure it with pins or an elastic. Usually the longer the hair, the easier to make a hair bun. You can also try a messy hair bun where you make a ponytail at the back of your head and tease the hair until it is as messy as possible. Using some hairspray and pins, pin sections towards your head into a ball form.

In Japan, it is popular to have a loose hair bun right at the top of the head. The position of your bun will depend on where your ponytail is. Twist your hair around the ponytail until there's no more to twist and tie it down with hair pins. Afterwards you can shape the bun by putting your finger down the centre of the bun and gently pulling the hair out until it looks like a Japanese hair bun.

The other method if you don't have alot of hair is to pin your strand of hair down loosely towards the ponytail to form a ball. Some girls stuff fake hair buns on top of it to make it look bigger and poofier. They make fake buns for this effect.

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