So your hair is lacking a but of color, a bit of shine, and maybe feeling blah. Beat the winter blues with quick highlights. You don't even need a full head of highlights, just a couple well placed highlights will make your hair look and feel new. Guaranteed. Highlights also last longer because you can't see the roots as much as whole head coloring. Sometimes I prefer the highlights because if you want to go really light, it's less damaging to do all of it and it adds a nice contrast to the darker hair. When you have all light hair around your face, it can look really weird with the Asian skin tone. But you can definitely get away with a couple highlights.

Now when you've made the decision to color your hair with highlights, we have to be very weary of the store bought products for your Asian hair. I speak of experience as I've tried many different products over the years and working at the beauty counter, I studied each one well and tried them at home with my convenient employee discount. I think when choosing colors, it should come down to preference first. Some Asians like the ashy tones, and some like the warmer tones, and some like the extreme colors. But consider your skin tone and how much damage your hair can tolerate.

Warm Colors

Dark           Medium           Light

Cool Ash Colors

Typically the warm colors are what you see come out of the hair when it is lightened without any toner. Especially when bleaching, you just see Asian hair become bright yellow.Asian hair really does get that orangey yellow. It's alot harder to acheive the ashy colors without lightening the hair more then toning it down. So it's a two step process for anyone who wants cool tones in their hair. Now you have to decide how you want the highlights to be applied. You can either use a cap (mostly in drugstore kits), foil method, or brush on mascara (highlighting kits). I don't recommend the brush on mascara method, it feels kind of like kids play and it's not precise at all. There's nothing keeping the hair from touching each other once it's applied.

At home highlighting kits are cheap, affordable and convenient. Compare $12 to $120...there is no comparison! Kits I recommend are L'Oreal chunking kit, Frost and Glow in Honey and Blonde work the best. It keeps Asian hair from turning orange which happens alot with other products because it's frankly not meant for our hair. The Frost and Glow has a blue cream that is easy to apply and minimal mess in your bathroom. It comes with a one time use cap and it does a fair job of even highlights distrubted around the head. You only pull the hair out of the holes that you want, so you can have as much or as little as you like. Even if you poke every hole there's plenty of that highlighting cream for every strand of long hair. I highly suggest having a girlfriend or boyfriend that you trust with hair help you with this, you can't get the hair behind your head by yourself.

If you want to do foils, this takes alot of time, precision and and experience. Foils work along the front to back of your hair instead of on the sides. It works by selecting bits of hair in each section of hair and putting it in a foil together from front to back. You have to get all the foils done in a timely manner or else they will develop at different times, leaving you with uneven highlights. You definitely can't do this yourself and that's why it costs so much at the salon. But this is the most controlled and precise method to highlight. I always feel bad highlighting with foils because you have to toss all that foil away after, what a waste! With foils you can also do different colors of highlights at the same time. For just a couple of highlights, I would recommend foils because you only work with the parts you want to highlight and leave the rest alone. You have better control over where it goes on your hair too.

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