Korean Pop stars are always setting trends and hairstyles across Korea. Korean celebrities have taken over the media in the Phillipines, China and even Japan. To give you an idea of how they're different from any other culture, this is Korean group Girls' Generation. They are known for their song "Kissing you" and "Into the New World". They are wearing authentic traditional Korean hairstyles and outfits for Korean New Year.

Korean culture is gaining alot of edge in the media in Asia. As a result alot of Korean pop stars and celebrities are getting huge exposure and their fan base is said to be bigger than Japan's. Korea is known for their large gaming industry and technology sector. It seems that alot of the trendsetting is now moving from Japan to Korea. Korean hairstyles are gaining alot of popularity thanks to their new way of taking western ideas of media, fashion, music to new extremes. Boy bands, girl bands are popular again like in the 90's. Because of their internet and technology advantages, they are able to promote and update entertainment business. Commercials, products, posters, trailers, teasers, everything. They market celebrities very differently from North America where you don't have to wait a couple months to see them perform or promote their music. You'll see it everyday right away for months. Things happen so quickly over the net that people are constantly chasing the media to catch up.


Jeon Ji Hyun Female Actress Korean Celebrity

Long black hair is always been adored and the favorite of Jeon Ji Hyun's fans. Everyone agrees that her hair looks the best so natural and long. She was made famous in the movie "My Sassy Girl", "II Mare", and "Windstruck". She is a very talented actress. In return she's been in numerous commercials promoting soft drinks, cameras, electronics, clothing and more. Her look is classy and gorgeous.

For Korean women celebrities, there is not alot of styling going on other than defrizzing and straightening the hair. Sometimes they will curl or wave their hair but usually straight long layers is the most popular. You can apply shine and gloss on the hair to finish so it's got that irresistably beauty. It takes years to grow hair that long. For younger hip hop looks, k-pop girls like to look more eccentric with crazier hairstyles. Some newer hairstyles are emerging with lots of shaggy haircuts and punk rocker like meets school girl hairstyles. Straight bangs just above the eyes and permed hair are really popular too. Some call it the Asian mullet style - see Asian Mullet Hairstyle for more.

Some people say that Korean hairstyles is different from Japanese hairstyles because the style is more generic and less extreme. Their hairstyles have more volume and is not always about the length. And some say that Japanese and Korean hairstyles are shared and are the same.




Kim Jae Joong male Korean celebrity

Also known as the singer Hero is best known for his good looks and amazing hair. This singer/songwriter changes his hairstyle all the time. Sometimes it's bleach blond and sometimes back to dark brown. Kim Jaejoong has been seen with black, platinum blond, red, dark brown, light brown, dirty blond, and golden blond. Some say his platinum blond looks the best, which is really hard for an Asian guy to pull off. He's got lots of texture and layers in his hair. It stands out because it doesn't just lay down flat, it has alot of volume and shape. It's longer in the back and shortest at the top. I think they key is having hair long enough to show down by the back sides but short enough on top to give that poof and texture. Like chaos but under control at the same time. I think this is a popular look for Asian guys because when they grow their hair out they can easily pull off this look with some gel. In a way it almost looks like a styled mullet.

Korean guys' hair are different from Japanese hair because they use less product and look more natural. Japanese guys like to use alot more hair putty for the spikey look.

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